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BIG Data Road Blocks to Tackle

As I think most of us would agree, Big Data has made big leaps in providing the business world with a large advantage. Luc Burgelman does a great job of identifying the three hurdles that he believes are holding businesses back from reaping the most benefit from their...

Advice for CFOs: Invest in New Technology

“Top Technology Trends for Today’s CFO’s” is another insightful post from a blogger we frequently feature, Timo Elliott. In it he admits that the CFO relationship with the CEO and other business executives leaves something to be desired.  He...

Big Data vs. Fast Data

This article “Which Do We Need More: Big Data or Fast Data?” from shines a light on the buzz word Big Data, and makes a reference to the Fresh Prince of Belair, which is always awesome.  The article astutely points out that Big Data is not...

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