Fast Data: How to Gain Insights from Big Data

Mar 31, 2015


In this article, Making Big Data Fast, Howard Baldwin makes a great point about data needing to be FAST in order to deliver value.  Big data has a historical focus, whereas Fast Data seeks to enable action.  For us at, we have seen “fast” as an important qualifier since the early definition of OLAP—FASMI, or Fast Analysis of Shared Multidimensional Information. Baldwin emphasizes the increasing importance of moving at the velocity of data; being empowered to gain insights from data, and; being able to react immediately with an action or other response. We couldn’t agree more with his stance, and kudos to him for drawing attention to it.  It will be increasingly important in 2015.

We also love the “I Love Lucy” reference at the beginning of the article.  The sponsors of, PARIS Technologies, are long-time experts at super fast data delivered for actionable insights.  Explore our website.

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