OLAP = OnLine Analytical Processing

Teaching the Foundation of Next-Level Business Intelligence

What is OLAP?

Learn that and more about what OLAP tech can do for you in Finance. 


Get hands on.

Download and use the OLAP product, PowerExcel Personal, to get hands-on experience and learn to create your own OLAP models. OLAP software is provided by PARIS Technologies for individuals.

Our Mission

Teach People to Use OLAP
So they can easily breeze through data analysis.

Our mission is to teach the world about OLAP.  So you can speed up your database work, and save yourself time, money, and effort. Learn the basics of OLAP in this entry-level conceptual course.

Let’s Get You Up to Speed

OLAP Hands-On Training Sessions

Get career-building information from the world’s best OLAP professionals. Join us for monthly training to get the latest tips and tricks to make the most out of your data.

The Latest from the OLAP Blog

Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence

A data warehouse is a great thing in concept, and a wonderful thing in actuality! Who could argue with the concept: “a central repository for data integrated from various sources, organized for reporting and analysis.” Anyone who, in actuality, has worked in Business...

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Transform Collaboration in Excel by adding Row-Level Security

Transform Collaboration in Excel by adding Row-Level Security

Discover Row-level Security in Excel with an innovative add-in from PARIS Technologies. This tool goes beyond basic security options, offering username/password or integrated Windows security for easy access to centralized databases. You can control user permissions...

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