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OLAP.com is your educational source for information on Business Intelligence, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) as well as other emerging technologies in the business industry. OLAP.com originated as an educational wiki offering tutorials, history and definitions on Business Intelligence and OLAP but has evolved into an elevated platform where professionals can stay up-to-date with the latest business technology strategies, best practices and trends. We feature informative articles, whitepapers, books, consultations and webinars that ensure that you and your business stay competitive in the innovation driven business world.


We believe that connection is important on several different levels.  Firstly, we believe in data connection, and system connection. We believe in connecting people, their data, and their systems for a productive, rewarding business environment.

We frequently post content from various industry thought leaders and encourage content submissions from various sources. OLAP.com serves as the hub that brings people from all professional levels and locations together to connect and share ideas. If you have an opinion don’t be shy to comment or send an article expressing it. We might help amplify it!


Innovation and adaptability to change are often key ingredients to a successful business. OLAP.com is committed to keeping you informed on groundbreaking technology news and ways to achieve the maximum productivity with your existing resources. Contact us with news on product releases, enhancements, upgrades, strategies, tutorials, and everything in-between.
PARIS Technologies, the sponsor of OLAP.com, is also very committed to innovation by developing the most effective solutions for today’s tough business and data challenges. Read more about PARIS below.

About PARIS Technologies

OLAP.com is powered by PARIS Technologies Inc. PARIS Technologies www.paristech.com is a leader in solutions that deliver what companies truly need from OLAP & BI (On-Line Analytical Processing & Business Intelligence) technologies. PARIS—an acronym for Planning, Analysis, Reporting Information Systems–relies on a world-class staff experienced in product development; relational database management; application development; management accounting; and financial analysis. Innovations by PARIS Technologies include: PowerOLAP, PowerAnalytics for SAP Business One and more recently OLATION– the first Visionary Intelligence solution. PARIS Technologies is headquartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and has offices globally to implement enterprise, small-medium market solutions.

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Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence

A data warehouse is a great thing in concept, and a wonderful thing in actuality! Who could argue with the concept: “a central repository for data integrated from various sources, organized for reporting and analysis.” Anyone who, in actuality, has worked in Business...

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Transform Collaboration in Excel by adding Row-Level Security

Transform Collaboration in Excel by adding Row-Level Security

Discover Row-level Security in Excel with an innovative add-in from PARIS Technologies. This tool goes beyond basic security options, offering username/password or integrated Windows security for easy access to centralized databases. You can control user permissions...

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