What is OLAP?

OLAP stands for

OnLine Analytical Processing” 

It is the most powerful and exciting business technology available for real-time decision making. Spend time on OLAP.com and learn about OLAP.

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Download the OLAP 101 eBook

This book offers context for newbies to OLAP technology. Learn where OLAP came from and how it developed into the Business Intelligence technology we know today.


Download the eGuide OLAP and BI Terms

A quick reference guide to commonly used Business Intelligence and OLAP words. Keep up with the techie talk with this handy reference.


Download the World Cup Analysis eBook

This eBook takes it beyond just business, showing what can be done with OLAP technology with any kind of data. In this case, it’s sports data, applying OLAP technology to World Cup data.

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 Follow Tutorials to Learn about OLAP

Exercises with a real OLAP product will teach you about Business Intelligence and OLAP basics.

These tutorials give you a chance to get hands on with data modeling and analysis with access to actual software and step-by-step instructions.   To follow these tutorials as they are intended, please first download the Free OLAP and Business Intelligence software provided by our sponsors at PARIS Tech.

OLAP Tutorials

 Learn about Different Types of OLAP Systems

Read about different types of OLAP and what is new in the market now.

First there was ROLAP, and then MOLAP, and Hybrid systems as well as in-memory systems.  Read about what defines different systems, their limitations and what is trending in the OLAP and Business Intelligence market now.

Types of OLAP