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PowerExcel, developed by PARIS Technologies, is an multidimensional data modeling software that is offered as a service.

PARIS is offering a Starter Pack with a money-back guarantee of PowerExcel that comes with a pre-built financial planning model.

The PowerExcel Starter Pack is a P&L Planning and Forecasting Model that gives users the flexibility they need to create plans and forecasts directly in MS Excel.

PowerExcel uses a centralized OLAP model and calculation engine to store data, formulas, and business rules, giving MS Excel the additional power that it needs for agile and collaborative planning processes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created great challenges and uncertainties for businesses, among them the need to reforecast and quickly model scenarios so that they can thrive in the future.

Our way to help during this difficult time is to provide: a PowerExcel P&L Planning and Forecasting Model, free for use for qualified organizations until the end of the year.

Register before the end of May 2020. Conditions apply.