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Mar 27, 2014

Business Intelligence on the Go

Business Intelligence on the Go has given rise to Mobile BI Applications. The challenge is in understanding the functionality mobile BI Users find the most important when using the services of their mobile BI application. A survey was conducted at TEC to understand what’s important for mobile BI users, and how satisfied they are with the mobile BI solutions they work with. The survey results revealed top places went to more common BI functionality features such as  dashboarding, data analysis, and reporting and alerting. Collaboration abilities ranked the fifth in priority. See excerpt below for interesting survey results.

General Functionality: What Tops the List?

One of the questions we asked mobile BI users in the survey had to do with the functionality they find the most important when using the services of their mobile BI application. From the list we provided, including ad hoc querying, alerting, collaboration, data analysis and discovery, and dashboarding, users were clear that both dashboarding and data analysis/discovery are an essential part of their day-to-day lives with a mobile BI application. It is clear reporting in mobile media is slowly decreasing and leaving space for more data discovery functions.

On the other hand, two things were surprising for me; first, the level of importance that users gave to the alerting functionality above collaboration abilities. Despite the buzz around the importance of collaboration embedded within all types of enterprise software, the ability of a mobile BI application to alert users quickly about any given emergency or contingency is vital for users, especially these days, when acting in real-time is becoming increasingly important for many organizations.

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Source – TEC Blog

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