Business Intelligence Smart Even for Small Business

Dec 20, 2013

Business Intelligence is essential for decision making since it helps businesses to do more with their data, improve productivity and efficiency. However, many business intelligence applications are often thought of as a solution that is used by larger businesses who can either “afford to” or have the need to find ways to grasp their ever growing data needs. This article from IT Tech News Daily explores ways that small businesses can “take a bite out of the business intelligence data pie.”

Human Head Business Intelligence

While many small-business owners may be under the impression business intelligence is only for their larger competitors, research from St. Joseph’s University suggests they think again. Researcher Ginny Miori said business intelligence can boost small businesses by helping determine their best customers, their most profitable product or service and the best location for their business.”The businesses that aren’t obtaining this kind of information are operating below the curve,” Miori said. “Business intelligence provides small businesses with tools to standardize data, reduce costs and identify new opportunities to improve efficiency.”

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Source: IT Tech News Daily