Tips for Creating More Compelling Data Visualizations

Oct 14, 2013

Data Visualization tips Commentary: This article from Computerworld uses an example from Nathan Yau’s book Data Points: Visualization That Means Something  to show how to draw users to points of interest when presenting data visually. 

When you look at a visualization for the first time, your eyes dart around trying to find a point of interest. Actually, when you look at anything, you tend to spot things that stand out, such as bright colors, shapes that are bigger than the rest, or people who are on the long tail of the height curve. Orange cones and yellow signs are used to alert you on the highway of an accident or construction because they stand out from the monotony of the black pavement. In contrast, Waldo is hard to find right away because he doesn’t stand out enough to stick out in a sea of people.

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Source: Computerword

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