Five Really Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Nov 2, 2013

Excel Shortcuts

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These keyboard shortcuts will help you to things in Excel that are difficult or time-consuming to do any other way.

Charley Kyd is a Microsoft Excel MVP by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP

Several years ago, I created my Complete Excel Shortcuts Workbook. It contains more that 250 keyboard shortcuts we can use when the workbook is active.

I created the workbook as a reference, because I didn’t know of any other source that had them all. I’m fairly certain that this workbook is complete, because thousands of people have downloaded it and I’ve added the few additional shortcuts that Excel users have sent my way.

Most Excel users use some of the shortcuts frequently, like Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.  But here are five shortcuts that aren’t as well-known, and that I use almost daily. I think you’ll find them worth remembering:

Excel Shortcut to Get Help for a Worksheet Function

Suppose you need to read the help topic for a worksheet function, say the MATCH function. When you type…


…in your formula bar, you’ll see something like this:

Excel shortcut to get help for a worksheet function.

Press Ctrl+a or click the icon where the red arrow points to launch the Function Arguments dialog for the function. This dialog gives you a form that you can fill in for each argument. The dialog also provides short help for the function and for each argument.

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