Is an Executive Dashboard the Blind Spot That’s Holding You Back?

Nov 19, 2013

Blind Spot Image

Image Source: Dashboard Insight

The pace of business is accelerating—and with that quickening in tempo comes a need for ever-faster insights into how the business is performing. And the contrast with the era of printed reports, produced weekly, is remarkable. These days, an executive dashboard provides real-time visibility into business performance, delivering powerful metrics in easy-to-read visual formats. The result? As with your car, all the information that’s important to you is gathered together in one place—your executive dashboard—helping you to progress speedily and efficiently towards your objectives. But the fact remains that many businesses don’t yet really ‘get’ executive dashboards. They look at images of an executive dashboard, and understand that they provide performance data in visually compelling forms such as charts and ‘gauges’, but then fail to see the transnational impact that this can offer. And it’s a blind spot that is holding back both businesses and individual executives from achieving a step change in performance.

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Source: Dashboard Insight


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