Entering Data into PowerOLAP

So far, you have demonstrated PowerOLAP’s remarkable flexibility in organizing and displaying data within a Slice. Next, you will demonstrate another key function of the Slice: using a Slice to enter data directly into the underlying PowerOLAP database.

Currently, the data in the Current Year Budget cube is all zeros because it is a new Cube and data has not yet been entered into it.

To enter data into the Accounts by Months slice:

1.   Click the cursor at the intersection of January and Net Sales.
Type 500000, then press Enter.

2.   Click the cursor at the intersection of January and Cost of Sales, Type 300000, then press Enter.
Notice that PowerOLAP has automatically adjusted the values in data cells that occur at the intersection of Aggregate members, reflecting the values entered above.

3.   Try to type 100000 at the intersection of Total Year and Gross Profit.

PowerOLAP® does not allow you to change the values in data cells involving one or more Aggregate members. PowerOLAP® will automatically update these cells only when the values in relevant Detail members change.