Pivot Table vs. PowerExcel Pivot

Oct 12, 2023

This video from our sponsor PARIS Tech compares Microsoft Excel’s PivotTable capabilities with the pivot table in PowerExcel. PivotTables are recognized for their ability to organize data effectively, but they are primarily designed for single-user productivity and have limited collaborative features which become important at the enterprise level. 

Assuming that our users are familiar with Microsfot’s pivot tables, we will focus on how PowerExcel compares: 

PowerExcel addresses limitations in PivotTables, especially in sorting and calculations. It incorporates a rich formula language and offloads the computational burden from Excel to a more efficient database model, leading to enhanced performance and versatility. 

Users in PowerExcel create “Slices” akin to PivotTables, facilitating quick data analysis. It offers a greater flexibility in stacking dimensions and customizing the formatting.  

The interface is similar in PowerExcel to PivotTables and it introduces several key improvements. 

  • User-friendly filtering 
  • Write-back in PowerExcel allows users to input data directly into cells, a feature that is not readily available in PivotTables. 
  • Valuable for budgeting and forecasting and perhaps even more extensive and robust collaborative applications  

In short, PowerExcel can extend and enhance these functionalities, making them more suitable for collaboration and enterprise-level usage.   

If you are curious, you can try PowerExcel Personal (for individuals) for free. You will be able to try the pivot table functionality. If you need any help to leverage the tool’s potential for increased productivity and data management, the PARIS Tech team offers expert consultants to help you out! 

Watch the PivotTable video to see an OLAP product in action: PowerExcel video