Successful Women Executives in Business Intelligence

Jan 24, 2014

An increasing number of women are entering the field of Business Intelligence, and are leading several companies as successful executives. This post includes interviews of four successful female professionals and what it took them to excel in their respective Business Intelligence arenas. Here are their stories. See excerpt below.

Successful Executive Women in Business Intelligence

It’s no secret that there’s a disproportionately low number of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields. A 2010 study by the American Association of University Women found that men outnumber women in nearly every science and engineering field by college graduation, with women receiving just 20 percent of bachelor’s degrees in these areas.

Though clearly hard to break into, technology can be a highly attractive field for women, as it provides a much greater opportunity to stand out than other industries. Salaries are also frequently higher—The U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration reports that women in STEM fields earn 33 percent more than their counterparts in other fields.

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