What the E-Discovery Industry Can Learn from Big Data and Data Science

Oct 3, 2013

legal e-discovery ImageLike many fast-paced industries, e-discovery seems to create and abandon trends with every news cycle. Observers can find it difficult to stay abreast of the latest terms and technologies as e-discovery remains a highly specialized segment of the technology world. Yet the popularity of “big data” has cast a spotlight on how truly massive collections of data can be better managed and understood.

To be clear: The presence of big data is undeniable, and it is here to stay. Those who believe that big data is the flavor-of-the-month are often unaware of its evolution, and the entire field of e-discovery can be considered a prime progenitor of the kind of data analysis we now know as big data. E-discovery was one of the first areas outside of the realm of Internet search engines in which users had to quantify, examine, scale and make sense of truly massive amounts of data. The technology and players in Internet search engines and e-discovery continue to cross-pollinate, and big data has begun to deliver massive benefits to e-discovery.

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