How To Solve Your Budgeting and Reporting Challenges

How To Solve Your Budgeting and Reporting Challenges



Many companies today utilize some form of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to integrate information across various departments such as sales, finance, manufacturing etc.  PowerOLAP  goes beyond the integration and makes access to instant reports and many budgeting options faster and easier.  Reports that used to take hours to print can be available in seconds with PowerOLAP.

Merging individual spreadsheets for financial reporting, forecasting and accurate budgeting can be a lengthy process for the financial department.  Without PowerOLAP’s easy integration tool if a department changes their numbers, other departments may have to be notified in order to recalculate manually.  With PowerOLAP if someone changes a number the results are automatically updated so within few minutes everyone has the new numbers.

PowerOLAP  facilitates data analysis and reports, making it easy to make those all-so- important decisions to move the company forward and stay ahead of your competition. PowerOLAP helps in merging data from different financial years. When using actual numbers for budget and calculating what-if-analysis based on possibly increased or decreased costs PowerOLAP calculates each scenario instantaneously rather than individually. It makes easy to use many cubes offering flexibility and Ease-of-Use all at a low cost. No limitations in the uses of multidimensional cube models that one constructs with PowerOLAP.  This among other features makes PowerOLAP stand out from other OLAP powered tools that offer one cube to work with at a time.

PowerOLAP flexibility and ease-of –use makes it an excellent choice for many users.  Users do not only get to use the same user end software that they are used to such as excel but they can also create their own designs with PowerOLAP rather than having everything pre-designed. PowerOLAP puts the power of reporting, analysis and data management in the hands of you- the user.

What are your budgeting and reporting challenges?

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How to Automate Reports and Perform Analytics in Excel

How to Automate Reports and Perform Analytics in Excel

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Crunching numbers, generating reports, consolidating data across departments—these are always very lengthy and cumbersome when done manually. To make matters worse, reports that take so lo-o-o-o-n g to complete of course turn out to have outdated information …and so, managers are faced with the issue of not having real-time data to make critical decisions.

And then, there’s the problem of manipulating data effectively to develop really valuable information—performing analytics that will help the company run better.  Although most Business Intelligence software products try to solve the problem of making data-reporting and (possibly) analytics faster, they don’t generally use (or use effectively) the same software that managers are used to.

To solve this problem, PowerOLAP quickly integrates data from all types of underlying database systems and makes that data dynamically available in Excel, which everyone knows how to use (and many people know how to use VERY effectively). With a connection both to underlying data sources and to shared Excel reports, users access the most up-to-the-instant reports possible, and are able to develop new ways to examine and develop true, sharable business intelligence. They can even perform additional analytics in Excel—via Excel’s own calculation capabilities— along leveraging all of the rich formatting and graphical tools available in the everyday spreadsheet.

Imagine freeing up all that time spent doing manual work in Excel when it can be done automatically with PowerOLAP? Finally, no more late-night work to create and update reports done in time! Hit F9 for PowerOLAP’s ability to update reports instantaneously. What you do with that extra time—including add-on analytics to really understand what—well, after all, that’s totally up to you!

This Blog Post was originally posted in the PARIS Technologies Business Intelligence  Blog.

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What is Embedded BI?

What is Embedded BI?

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Embedded reports are a standard requirement of most applications. But users are increasingly demanding more sophisticated reporting from applications – seeking such features as custom report design, ad hoc report creation and analytics. Developers that want to embed business intelligence and reporting features into applications must find a balance among requirements, cost and development time.

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